Size Guide

Here at Jaegr HQ, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to measure your coat. However, we want to ensure you get the right coat first time.

We will highlight all of the coats below and the sizing requirements to get the correct size coat for your dog.

We would HIGHLY recommend that you watch the below three videos, if you are at all unsure with your dogs measurement please do contact us and we will be on standby to help.



Jaegr Supreme & Overcoat - Measuring Guide

Using the diagram below, there are 3 main dimensions;

Back - This is from the withers to the base of the tail (As per above video)

The back is the MAIN measurements required. Chest/Neck are only required if you have a dog with a larger than average neck/chest.

Chest - This is the widest circumference of the chest area

Neck - Standard neck circumference, however, when measuring the neck, if the dimension is close to the maximum size (see below), please measure the head to ensure the coat will fit over.

Please see below size guide (If your dog has a large chest/stocky, see the further table below as sizes can vary, or feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help)


Size Back Length

Neck size


Example Breeds
3 28-33 cm 39 cm Shitpoo
3L 34-38 cm 39 cm Terriers
4 39-43 cm 44 cm Spaniel
4L 44-48 cm 44 cm Whippets
5 49-53 cm 52 cm Border Collie
5L 54-58 cm 52 cm Retrievers
6 59-63 cm 65 cm Greyhound
6L 64-68 cm 65 cm German Shepherd
7 69-73 cm 77 cm Mastiff
7L  74-78 cm 77 cm Borzoi 

We have measured multiple dogs from various breeds to help with sizing, please see below findings.

Size Breed Back (cm) Chest (cm) Neck (cm)
3 Shitpoo 32 41  26
3L Terriers 35
4 Cocker Spaniel 40 63 37
4L Saluki x Whippet 45 58 29
4L Duck Tolling Retriever 43 56 33
4L Mini Podenco x Lab 45 66 37
Malinois x Whippet
46 61 32
5 Springer Spaniel 50 61 35
5 Border Collie 50 63 37
5 Lurcher 51 63 32
5 Border x Whippet 49 63 35
5L  Greyhound x 53
5L Greyhound x 57 63 30
5L Greyhound x 57 64 37
5L Standard Poodle 52 67 40
6 Poodle x 60 90 47




Size 3 - 25-30cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 3L - 30-34cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 4 - 35-40cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 4L - 40-44cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 5 - 45-50cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 5L - 50-54cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 6 - 55-62cm Back (Wither to base of tail)

Size 6L - 63-67cm Back (Wither to base of tail)