Our Mission

We are different.


Jaegr HQ was founded in England, known for being cold, wet and an ever-changing climate. With this in mind, we searched high and low to find the perfect coat for our canine friends, with little to no success. This is when Jaegr was formed.

We truly believe our canine friends deserve high quality, warm and waterproof products just like us humans have. 

As Humans, we spend lots of time choosing the right products for ourselves, the right fit, the right thickness, is it waterproof? We believe dogs deserve the same. We are here to this decision as easy as possible for you.

Every inch and fibre of our products have been hand selected, design and rigorously tested by us. We ensure no corners on cost or time have been cut for our human or canine friends. Our team are EXPERTS in fashion, design, manufacturing & dogs generally. The two co-founders have 7 dogs in total and currently compete in Flyball, knowing biomechanics of a dog very well.

We are here for once reason - to make our lives choosing a dog product as easy as possible, having confidence in a brand and making JAEGR that go to BRAND for dog products. 

We have own multiple awards for our products and have been nominated for multiple in 2024.


As mentioned, here at Jaegr HQ we develop only the highest quality products. That means very simply, we are very selective. Whether it's with our factory or sourcing from our suppliers. This means we have very high environmental standards.