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Product Information

The Jaegr Supreme Dog Coat is our choice for any adventure, in any condition, the coat has been crafted with the finest materials, to keep dogs warm and perfectly dry due to our three layer design; outer and Inner layer is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. The middle layer is a warm fleece to maintain warmth.


Key Features

  • This coat is perfect for cold/wet conditions.
  • A high neck will keep the neck warm and an adjustable snood can be pulled over the ears for extra protection and comfort, and will fit your dog perfectly due to the adjustable toggle.
  • Well placed collar and harness holes.
  • Fits 99% of breeds due to being fully adjustable coat through 'toggles' that will tighten or loosen to the structure/size of the dog.
  • Innovative panel design going down the spine of the coat.  The panels main function is safety, toggles that are not hidden could lead to the coat getting caught on tree branches and many others alternatives. The panel hides these toggles completely. The panel and zip are fully waterproof.
  • Highly reflective strips along the stitching to improve safety in the dark.
  • All attachments are rust proof to ensure durability of the coat.
  • Leg straps to keep the coat secure and in place. The leg straps are secured via stitching on one side and poppers on the other, for ease of putting on and taking off the coat. These straps are stretchable and comfy, so do not rub.
  • This coat can be used pre/post exercise as will keep the key muscles warm.
  • Easy to use sturdy buckles. 
  • Extended material over the hind to protect from rain/wind.
  • Specially designed concave indent at the base, to allow tails to raise to it's maximum without disturbing the coat.


Inner & Outer: 100% Softshell with padded middle.


Washable via cold wash only.

It goes without saying, however, please read the below

**Please do not allow your dog to go swimming with the coat on, as it's a medium-weight coat, it can become heavy and cause problems for dogs in the water**

Washed alone - no heavy items such as towels.

Sizing & Fit

Please watch the videos HERE and view the size guide below


We would highly recommend you use the below table to gauge the sizing, if you are unsure please contact us via Facebook, Instagram, e-mail or the contact us section and we will come back to you as soon as we can. 

The three main dimensions to measure are;

Back - This is from the shoulders/withers to the base of the tail (when lifted) as per video above

Chest - This is the widest circumference of the chest area

Neck - Standard neck circumference, however, when measuring the neck, if the dimension is close to the maximum size (see below), please measure the head to ensure the coat will fit over.

Please see below size guide (If your dog has a large chest/stocky build please consider sizing up depending on how stocky/large your dog is!)


Size Back Length

Neck size


Example Breeds
3 28-34 cm 39 cm Shitpoo
3L 34-39 cm 39 cm Terriers
4 39-44 cm 44 cm Spaniel
4L 44-49 cm 44 cm Whippets
5 49-54 cm 52 cm Border Collie
5L 54-59 cm 52 cm Retrievers
6 59-64 cm 65 cm Mastiff

Case Study

We have measured multiple dogs from various breeds to help with sizing, please see below findings.

Size Breed Back (cm) Chest (cm) Neck (cm)
3 Shitpoo 32 41  26
3L Terriers 35

4 Cocker Spaniel 40 63 37
4L Saluki x Whippet 45 58 29
4L Duck Tolling Retriever 43 56 33
4L Mini Podenco x Lab 45 66 37
4L Malinois x Whippet 46 61 32
5 Springer Spaniel 50 61 35
5 Collie x (Stocky!) 46 72 42
5 Border Collie 50 63 37
5 Lurcher 51 63 32
5 Border x Whippet 50 63 35
5L  Greyhound x 53

5L Greyhound x 57 63 30
5L Greyhound x 57 64 37
5L Standard Poodle 52 67 40
6 Poodle x 60 90 47


Really good quality dog coat and the way you can tighten it up all over as needed makes the fit perfect.

- Megan

The highlighter coat is just what we needed. Warm, adjustable, reflective and a great fit!

- Diane

These dog coats are very good quality and the customer service is excellent

- Gayle

Excellent quality coats that fit perfectly 🥰
Fantastic customer service.

- Christine

Super fast shipping , very helpful with sizes , fantastic quality

- Shez

We love the fleece we ordered, great fit for our dog who we sometimes struggle to get the correct sizing for, its nice and warm for the colder months, great customer service and quick delivery

- Jessica